AS Alexela Terminal is a daughter company of 
AS Alexela Logistics, which stores light oil products, 
petrochemicals and liquified gas, and handles their 
transport. The terminal receives goods arriving by sea, 
rail or tank trucks, stores it in the tanks of a customs or 
excise warehouse and delivers it to the same type of 
transport according to the needs of the client.

Number of tanks:

8, all with internal floating roofs and an option of adding nitrogen blanketing


8 x 3 500 m3, heated (1 tank with built-in mixer)

Total capacity:

28 000 m3

Railway tank wagon handling facilities:

Railway tank wagon handling facilities: Simultaneously handling up to 12 + 7 railway tank wagons, top and bottom discharge, product heating if needed

Ships' loading speed:

5 segregated pipelines, 350 m3/h