Environment and

We pay special attention to environmental as well as job 
safety issues. Strict environmental protection standards 
of the EU together with the legislation of the Republic of 
Estonia have been taken as the basis for designing the 
Alexela Terminal.

In 2008, a monitoring station that continuously monitors the quality of outside air was built on the terminal's territory. The monitoring station’s automated analysers measure the levels of general hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide and meteorological parameters.

The quality parameters of the monitoring station are also monitored by a responsible employee of the terminal, who will take necessary measures if permitted pollution levels are exceeded.

Limit values of pollution level are enacted according to regulation No 15 “Limit and target values of air pollution level and pollution tolerance limits; alert threshold of pollutant content and further purpose of it; level of informing about pollutant content” of the Minister of Environment from 7 September 2004. The regulation provides that the NMHC (NonMethane HydroCaprbons) limit value of pollution level in ambient air is 5 mgC/m³, with the limit value of pollution level for others (benzol, toluene, orthoxylene, paraxylene) being 200 µg/m³.

The readings of the monitoring station are available on the homepage of Alexela Terminal and the homepage of the Estonian Environmental Research Centre. Limit values are shown as a red line on the reading graphs.